Review 2: Service Provider for Vehicle Equipment Maintenance


This company operates around 45 technicians and works to replace and repair car, truck, and bus parts.
Before using CSOne, this company relied on separate sales management, maintenance, quotation, and call center systems. This translated to a great deal of time in which they had to consolidate data within various systems or search the quotation and maintenance history for a given customer.
It was very challenging to manage the spare parts due to the frequent updates within the automobile industry. As such, they looked for a way to improve efficiency of inventory control and quotation for spare parts.

At this point, they chose to look into software which would integrate these separate data areas and streamline the overall maintenance process. They did not find many that fit the requirements and those that did required customizations, making them a lengthy and costly option.
They continued to search and found CSOne. The free trial was all they needed to realize that it met all of the company’s business requirements without costly initial development fees or customization. It only took about two weeks for CSOne to be implemented and it only required the migration of data from the old legacy system.