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Privacy Policy

From here on out, the “Company” will refer to CSOne Inc. The Company understands that the personal information of clients should be protected and maintains the following privacy policy.

(Compliance with applicable laws and regulations)
Company will follow strictly and appropriately adhere to privacy protection laws.

(Personal information collection and use)
In the case of collected client information, the Company will indicate the purpose of this information and collect it using appropriate technique. The information will only be used for its specified purpose.

(Personal information management)
Company will strictly and carefully manage the personal information of clients and take appropriate measures in order to prevent unauthorized access, modifications, destruction, and/or loss of the information.

(Providing personal information to third-parties)
With the exception of legal obligations, Company never provides the personal information of clients to third parties unless the client submits authorization. However, the Company may provide access to personal information for outside parties in order to accomplish the given purpose of the information. When this occurs, company will require the appropriate use of the information by the outside party to ensure the protection of personal information.

(Respect of personal rights)
Company respects personal rights related to personal information and upon request of the client or particular individual, will immediately edit, disclose, stop, or delete this information and its use.

(Purpose of use)
Company will only use the personal information of clients for these purposes. For responding to requests or questions from clients concerning the company’s products or the company. For providing information concerning the company services to clients and products. For notifying clients concerning events and seminars regarding the services. For confirming, contacting, or shipping to clients. For asking clients to contribute to a survey. For creating and using statistical data, in which case the personal information will be processed and unidentifiable.

(Regarding modifications of privacy policy in the future)
 In the future, Company might partially or entirely modify the privacy policy. Company requests that clients periodically check the website.

Enactment date: April 4, 2011
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