Field Service Management : CSOne - CSOne



The field service software “CSOne” will
make your field service more efficient and profitable.

CSOne is the cloud FSM (Field Service Management) software which manages break down calls, regular inspections, and preventive maintenance. It also integrates Sales Management (ERP) functions in one software.
You will experience a dramatic improvement in efficiency and quality of your field service, and increase service revenues with CSOne.

CSOne best fits for customers who…

  • want to integrate the field service data and improve efficiency.

  • want to reduce paper waste by use of E-signatures and mobile devices.

  • want to visualize the technicians’ schedule and progress.

  • want to improve the first-time fix rate.

  • want to reply more quickly to the customers for their quote request

  • want to avoid incomplete inspection and standardize the service quality.

  • want to increase service revenues and level resources and parts requirements through preventive maintenance.

  • don’t want to waste time in a long implementation project.

  • want to free yourself from the black box enterprise applications.

Industries CSOne is already applied.

  • Maintenance and installation of IT equipment
  • Maintenance of store facilities
  • Maintenance of train equipment
  • Manufacturing and sales of beauty apparatuses
  • Maintenance and installation of automated office equipment and facilities
  • Maintenance of exhibition facilities
  • Maintenance of vehicle equipment
  • Maintenance and inspection of industrial equipment
  • Maintenance of drainage and water supply systems, plumbing installation
  • Maintenance and installation of medical equipment

The Value of CSOne?

  • FSM+ERP : Enterprise applications for field service management.
    CSOne manages field service, regular inspection, preventive maintenance in one software as well as sales / procurement and service parts management.
    You can use it anywhere or at anytime, making information sharing much smoother.
  • No-code configurations
    With no-code configurable parameters, CSOne is very quick in implementation and flexible in customization to meet your business requirements.
    CSOne pre-installs the business functions and data structures commonly used by repair and maintenance service providers. If the customization is required to fit CSOne for your business, it is limited to add-ons of a couple of fields.
  • Professional Services
    Our professional services works with you to draw a grand design of CSOne implementation, analyze fits & gaps, build prototypes for evaluations, and seamlessly integrate with the existing applications and data.
  • AI/IoT
    The realtime data obtained from the machines through the IoT Cloud will be used to develop the preventive maintenance plan. With AI integrations, CSOne will diagnose the problems and return to you the most probable causes and repair parts.





Initial Costs
per month
USD 240/3ID(Tax not included)