Field Service Management : CSOne

CSOne is web-based maintenance management software designed for maintenance and repair service providers. It is specifically designed to fulfill the requirements for these services and successfully improved productivity of thousands of users around the world.



FSM+ERP Enterprise applications for field service management.

You can use it anywhere or at anytime, making information sharing much smoother.

Mobility, E-signature, Voice recognition.

Customers can sign the service reports via the technician’s mobile device.

It will be possible to use Google Maps to quickly locate technicians, allowing you to find which one is located closest to the customer.

Cloud applications

You won’t need to purchase any additional servers or applications, creating a minimal initial investment compared to conventional packages. We ensure everything related to the server management such as data backup and information security.

Through occasional updates, we continually improve our system by meeting an increasing number of customer demands.

In addition, you can adjust the monthly payment based on the number of people using the system.

Flexible customization
quick start

CSOne is very quick in implementation and flexible in customization.
CSOne pre-installs the business functions and data structures commonly used by repair and maintenance service providers. If the customization is required to fit CSOne for your business, it is limited to add-ons of a couple of fields.

Analytics and dashboard

Your business is visualized on the CSOne dashboard. You will reach analytics with a couple of clicks, such as service tickets, work-in-process, and repair volumes per customer, etc.

Preventive maintenance powered by
IoT/M2M integration

The realtime data obtained from the machines and devices through the IoT / M2M Cloud will be used to develop the preventive maintenance plan in CSOne.

Integration with other services

CSOne provides higher values to your customers through integration with other services

  • CTI integration
  • Schedule integration (ex. Office 365)
  • Power BI
  • Integration with existing systems

Add-on modules

CSOne plugs in additional business functions.

  • Costing and reporting
  • Credit limit management
  • Complex quote functions, etc

What Type of Business Should Use CSOne?

The CSOne web-based business software is designed for maintenance and repair service providers. It is specifically designed to fulfill the requirements for these services.

Types of ServiceMain Functions
Breakdown CallField ServiceManage requests for maintenance and their status
Prepare service report on site with E-Signature
Find and dispatch technicians
Manage team sub-contractors
Manage customers and locations
Depot RepairManage service requests as well as their status
Prepare quotes, srv. reports and invoices
Maintenance Contract / Regular InspectionManage maintenance contracts, eg: service level agreements
Manage periodic maintenance and inspection
Preventive MaintenanceService BOM
Plan maintenance and propose to customers
Sales and ProcurementService quote, invoices, and cash receipt
PO, purchase, and payment
Manage spare part inventory

Recommended Environment for Operations

OSMicrosoft Windows 10 (or higher)
Internet BrowsersGoogle Chrome
Edge, Internet Explorer 11 (or higher)
Mobile DevicesAndroid, iOS
Required SoftwareAdobe Acrobat Reader
*Necessary for printing documents