Review 1: Maintenance Service Provider for Store Facilities


This company has around 25 field engineers and offers maintenance and installation for plumbing, heaters, electricity, and air conditioners.

Before they used CSOne, the schedule for technicians was physically drawn out on the whiteboard so after a task was dispatched, the dispatcher couldn’t follow changes in the request that were asked directly of the technician. It was also impossible to track task progress, leading to slow response time when scheduling appointments with customers and uneven assignments between technicians.

They wanted to use a system that resolved these issues, but could not find many choices to satisfy their needs as their repair and maintenance business required customization, leading to increased cost.
At this point, they discovered CSOne and tried it out, discovering it fit the company perfectly. It was able to use the functions for their repair and maintenance business and they didn’t need expensive customization.

Within a month, they were ready to use CSOne and the system went live in November 2011 after minor changes to report forms and migrating legacy data. At the moment, the company is taking full advantage of CSOne’s functions, including service reports, quotes, managing technicians’ schedule, and service requests.

They also had three specific improvements after switching to CSOne.

1 Reducing unassigned time

The biggest difference was the efficiency of assigning workers. Instead of relying on a whiteboard, the schedule is now managed within CSOne’s schedule function. As such, it became possible to view the task status and operating location of technicians so assignments could quickly and effectively be assigned.

2 Eliminating Undone Tasks

Before the switch to CSOne, the company relied on clear folders for storing files and documentation and managing tasks. Therefore tasks that had yet to be attended to were frequently buried within a stack of papers. CSOne allows them to instantly view the progress of a particular task and do so more easily than before.

3 Improving Task Assignment Precision

Before switching to CSOne, assignments were done via telephone and sometimes technicians would be unable to understand information or even get to their phone. This led to multiple phone calls to workers for a single task assignment. The task assignment email function of CSOne now allows all the important facts about a job to be sent in a uniform format so nothing is left out. Technicians are less likely to require representative clarification since all the details are available via the mobile device.