The CSOne web-based business software is designed for maintenance and repair service providers.
It is specifically designed to fulfill the requirements for these services and is already used by over 5,000 users around the world.
CSOne includes functions for maintenance breakdown, eg: field service and send-back & repair, as well as installation service and maintenance contract and equipment installation management.
-Because CSOne is web-based software, you can use it anywhere or at anytime, making information sharing much smoother.
-You can access our services via mobile devices.
-Customers can sign the service reports via the technician’s mobile device.
-CSOne will include GPS function integration on mobile devices, which will make it possible to use Google Maps to quickly locate technicians, allowing you to find which one is located closest to the customer.
CSOne will integrate service history, equipment, contract, and customer data. It can also visualize task progress and technician’s schedules, and can prevent tasks from being incomplete.Its E-Signature functions will reduce paper waste.
CSOne may be used either via the On-Premises type (the traditional package sales) or the SaaS type (via the Cloud). You don’t need minimal initial investment and pay only what you use. You can also select the On-Premise type, which allows for more flexible customization.