What is CSOne… maintenance management software The CSOne is web-based maintenance management software designed for maintenance and repair service providers. It is specifically designed to fulfill the requirements for these services and successfully improved productivity of thousands of users around the world.
CSOne may be used either via the On-Premises type (the traditional package sales) or the SaaS type (via the Cloud). With the SaaS type, you don’t need minimal initial investment and pay only what you use, while with the On-Premise type, you will experiences more flexible customization. Features 1. CSOne: Designed to fulfill the requirements for repair and maintenance service providers.
- As maintenance management software, it includes functions for maintenance breakdown services as well as maintenance contract management.
- It pre-installs common business functions for both field service and depot repair as well as repair parts inventory management.

2. Web-based maintenance management software
- You can access CSOne from any location and at any time via desktop computers in the business office or via mobile devices from the field.
- With the single format system, employees in the office and those in the field will have access to a single system where they can gain information about customers, track repair / maintenance records, and access other needed data.

3. Eliminate paper work
- Parts orders are placed, installations / repairs & maintenance scheduled, and each request from customers is recorded from start to finish online.
- Customers can sign the service reports via the technician’s mobile device (E-signature), which eliminates the need for paper.

4. Integration with GPS and CTI
- CSOne includes GPS function integration, which will make it possible to quickly locate your technicians on Google Maps.
- CSOne is also compatible with the telephony system (CTI).

5. Flexible customization, quick start
- CSOne is very quick in implementation and flexible in customization. If you choose the Cloud type, the average implementation period is only one month including a couple of customization and data migration.
- CSOne pre-installs the business functions and data structures commonly used by repair and maintenance service providers. If the customization is required to fit CSOne for your business, it is limited to add-ons of a couple of fields.

6. Integration with the project business management software “PMOne” (will be released soon !)
- CSOne will be integrated with the business solution “PMOne”. PMOne manages the project business, including a large equipment installation business, build-to-order business, etc., which requires management of the project profitability and WBS. With integration with PMOne, your business will benefit from the seamless management of product lifecycle from plan, R&D, implementation to service after the sales.

Main functions The below list is the overview the main functions of CSOne.
Job Management / Maintenance Records Customers’ calls are recorded and tracked from start to finish. The customer name, location and equipment are recorded upon their call as well as details of their request. 詳しくはこちら
Schedule Management The online calendar of CSOne will improve visibility of your technicians’ availability. GPS function helps you to locate the technician closest to the site. An automatic task assignment email will be sent to a technician. 詳しくはこちら
Field Service Management CSOne manages various field service works including the firsthand field investigation and repair works on site. Repair quotation and service reports are output through a mobile printer. 詳しくはこちら
Depot Repair Management CSOne manages receipt of customers’ equipment and its return after repair as well as preparation of repair quotation and service report. 詳しくはこちら
Maintenance Contract Management CSOne manages the maintenance contract. The items to be managed include the contract term, the service level agreement with your customers as well as the periodic preventive maintenance schedules of each equipment. 詳しくはこちら
Repair Parts Inventory Management Replenishment and issue / consumption of spare parts are managed within a single software. Your technicians can even search the current inventory on site. 詳しくはこちら
Master Data Management The master data of CSOne includes customer, location, equipment, material & price, organization & staff and others. Because they are stored in a single system, you don’t need to worry about inconsistent master data. 詳しくはこちら
Others Other features of CSOne includes various customization, authorization settings, and upload / download of csv files. CSOne corresponds to multiple languages and multiple currencies. 詳しくはこちら