On the spot

CSOne is also available on smartphone and tablet devices.
Information regarding clients, such as repair records, contracts, and other client information can easily be viewed on your smartphone and tablet devices. Additionally, writing task reports and quotations can be done on the spot. By using CSOne’s electronic signature function, you can also instantly receive your clients’ signatures.

On the spot… 1 Technicians can confirm task on the day

Technicians can view the task details of their assigned task for each day.
Additionally, the maintenance and repair requests from clients can be filtered and viewed as well.

On the spot… 2 View client information and repair status/records

The clients’ request as well as repair records and contracts can be viewed. Before visiting the client location, by checking this information, higher quality of service can be delivered.
Also, responding to the clients is made easier and faster.

On the spot… 3 Quotation registration on the spot

For clients who need quotations immediately, quotations can be shown to clients on the spot after registering the required repair parts and task.
By using the electronic signature function, client signatures can be received on the spot.

On the spot… 4 Task report registration

After finishing the task at the designated location, a task report can be registered on the spot. Confirmation electronic signatures can also be received from the clients.
Task reports with the clients’ signature can be sent electronically, losing the need for paper. (Can be printed through computer)