• What is CSOne?

    The web system CSOne is of the SaaS type and is ideal for small or medium businesses. The system manages maintenance and repair service providers.
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  • Can CSOne Be Used In Locations Outside The Office?

    It is possible to use CSOne anywhere with an internet connection with the help of your computer or mobile devices.

  • Are There Recommended Browsers For CSOne?

    You should ideally use CSOne with either Internet Explorer (version 8 or later) or Google Chrome. If you currently use an earlier version of Internet Explorer, you should update it to use Internet Explorer 8.

  • What is SaaS Type?

    SaaS is a new type of system which is special in that it doesn’t require the use of additional software or hardware. It is also possible to use it instantly with any mobile device or computer with an internet connection and you will only pay for the amount that you use.
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  • How Does CSOne Interact With Other Systems?

    You can import master data to CSOne via CSV file formats. It is also possible to export all information in the CSV file format, including work reports, billing, quotations, and service requests.

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