SAP Implementation Consulting and Support

As a giant in the field of integrated business applications that include accounting, sales, procurement, production, HR, etc., SAP has the following features.

  • Integrated systems and real-time management
  • Reduction of implementation speed
  • Iterative system development in coordination with client users
  • Global standard best practices for business processes
  • Data validation and consistency checking
  • Visualization of business data, which results in precision of forecast and reduction of inventory
  • Standardization of business processes and applications

We support SAP-based systems implementation projects. Our consulting services include project planning, requirements gathering and conceptual design, implementation, deployment, and support and maintenance.

Business domains we support – Overview

Business domains SAP modules
Financial accounting (GL, AR, AP) FI(SD, MM, PP)
Controlling (Profit analysis, Costing, Overhead management) CO(PP, SD, MM)
Sales management SD, CRM
Procurement management MM, SRM
Inventory management MM
Logistics management LE, MM, APO
Production management PP, MM, APO
Quality management QM
Equipment maintenance QM, CS, CRM
Data warehouse and management analysis BW
Development and technologies ABAP

Business domains we support – Individual

Financial Accounting – SAP modules : FI(SD, MM, PP)

We analyze the accounting policy and management requirements of the client and provide optimized solutions for accounting business operations, including accounts receivable (AR post, clearing, account balance, dunning), accounts payable (AP posting, payment, account balance), fixed assets (acquisition, depreciation, lease, retirement), etc. Analysis of internal control requirements is important for design of efficient, but controlled business processes. Our focus is also on the reduction of time required for closing.

Controlling – SAP modules : CO(PP, SD, MM)

Plan vs. actuals analysis is critical in business design and strategy. We analyze requirements and business characteristics and provide optimized solutions for forecasting and budget planning, overhead management, allocation, and costing. Our focus is on the design of the strategic business unit that collects real data for controlling, and it is the design of this business domain that is one of the factors that make the system valuable.

Sales management – SAP modules : SD, CRM

Analysis should focus on management of customer demand, including forecasts, inquiries, and fixed sales orders. Determination of requirements based on this information is especially critical for make-to-stock type industries. We also analyze requirements and business characteristics of the client and provide optimized solutions for inventory reservations, available to promise (ATP), contract management, and reports. Various commercial transactions and logistics including returns and sales adjustments are discussed. Additional care must be taken during systems analysis to account for the close relationship between sales and customers.

Procurement management – SAP modules : MM, SRM

We analyze the requirements and business characteristics of the client and provide optimized solutions for procurement plans, contract management, internal controls, vendor management, accounting treatment, and reports. Various commercial transactions and logistics including returns and purchase adjustments are discussed. More specialized requirements, such as consignment of materials and procurement from sub-contractors, as well as imports, need to be carefully examined.

Inventory management – SAP modules : MM

We analyze the client requirements and provide optimized solutions for goods movement in relation to production, procurement, and logistics. The focus is on the posting of goods issues to external entities, on-truck goods management, and inventory count of warehouse and consignment goods. In the integrated ERP system, accounting treatment of goods movement also needs to be examined.

Logistics management – SAP modules : LE, MM, APO

Supply planning and logistics planning that are optimized for the whole enterprise are critical for today’s business. Requirements and constraints which underlie the client’s business need to be carefully examined in order to properly define the optimized logistics model.

In execution, the requirements of shipping and logistics are analyzed, including picking, truck assignment, and transport route plans. Inter-warehouse logistics and logistics in warehouses are also discussed. Calculation schema and management of shipping expenses is also an important topic.

Production management – SAP modules : PP, MM, APO

We analyze the requirements and business characteristics of the client and provide optimized solutions for production plans, including capacity and parts supply, time fences, production order management; and master management, including bill of materials and routings. The production management method should be carefully considered according to the type of production (discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, etc.). The focus is also on management of sub-contractors and consigned parts.

Quality management – SAP modules : QM

We analyze the requirements of the client business and provide optimized solutions for quality planning, quality inspection, management of analysis values, and quality certificates. The discussion of this business domain should involve production and procurement, and the focus should be on the management of inventory status and product quality by customers.

Equipment Maintenance – SAP modules : QM, CS, CRM

We analyze the requirements and business characteristics of the client business and provide optimized solutions for maintenance plans, notification, maintenance history management, and repair orders; and master management, including equipment and functional locations. Allocation of internal and external resources (service men) and maintenance order management also need to be discussed carefully.