Master Data Management

The master data of CSOne includes customer, location, equipment, material & price, organization & staff and others. Because they are stored in a single system, you don’t need to worry about inconsistent master data.


Customer master

Customer master manages all kinds of business partners such as the sold-to party and billing address.

Location and equipment

CSOne manages equipment of customers you need to manage maintenance and its location. You can store needed information of equipment including warranty periods, installation date, and serial number, etc., as well as location-related information including address and any specific information your technicians should know about the site.

Material and price

CSOne manages the maker, model and other information about repair parts and products. By pre-setting the price information to the material master, the software will bring the price data when you prepare quotations or service reports.

Organization and staff

You may manage your organizations and staff. CSOne also manages sub-contractors.