Repair Management Software

Repair management software provides end-to-end management of a company’s repair service operations, which includes service reports, preventive maintenance, scheduling & dispatch, work orders management and asset management.
Eliminate Paperwork
Technicians can generate quotes and service reports in the office or in the field. The repair management software “CSOne” allows the technicians in te field to eliminate the paperwork through access from the mobile devices such as iOS and Android.

Manage Work Orders
As a business grows you need to manage work orders of large teams of people. The repair management software “CSOne” makes it easier for the manager to identify unassigned tasks and tasks in trouble.
The technicians in the field can quickly respond to the work order with his work progress by the simple clicks on the work order email. An interactive communication between the manager in the office and the technicians in the field makes the work order management much easier.

Manage Assets
Upon receipt of your customer’s call, you much find information about the location of the customer’s machinery or equipment, important pieces which are useful for maintenance and repairs, and the state of the maintenance contract of your customer.
The repair management software “CSOne” gives you full control of the assets. It will help you quickly identify these important information related to your customer’s assets.
The maintenance contract functions of CSOne also manages plans for the preventive maintenance.